Segue 2.5SM Mechanical Stationary

The Segue 2.5SM Mechanical Stationary has a maximum payload of 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg), struck capacity of 233 ft³ (6.7 m³) , 296 ft³ (8.4 m³) with 12″ tub extension or 356 ft³ (10.1 m³) with 24″ tub extension, and requires 20 horse power (14.9 kW).

Supreme Plug and Play stationaries will offer any producer with 240V power the opportunity to run an electric driven TMR stationary processor.

A highly advanced and automated Variable Frequency Drive system has created the ability to power processors up to a 700T on 240V power supply, where before producers would require 3 phase power.

The 2.5SM is driven by a robust belt drive and a single motor, unlike other competition who run 2 smaller motors to use the same power input.

Customers with confined spaces or limited power will no longer be limited to a cheap, low quality processor. Ask your local dealer how the new hassle free stationary series from Supreme can fit into your operation.

Minimum Power Requirements:
20hp / 14.9kW
Unit Capacity:
Capacity with 12’’ Extension: 296ft.³ / 8.4m³
Capacity with 24’’ Extension: 356ft.³ / 10.1m³
Capacity Struck Level: 233ft.³ / 6.7m³

Empty Weight:
4,486lbs / 2,035kg
Max Payload:
6,000lbs / 2,722kg
Height: 74in / 188cm
Height with 12’’ Extension: 85in / 216cm
Overall Width: 96in / 244cm
Overall Length: 123in / 312cm

Drive / rpm PTO:
Robust Belt Drive using a Single Motor VFD Power System
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance:
Adjustable Chute: 3" to 10.5" / 8.2cm to 26.3cm
Number of Knives :
4 Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
Discharge Door
Floor Thickness:
5/8" M/S Floor
Wall Thickness:
1/4" M/S Walls
Standards Specifications:
  • Vertical Auger
  • Manual Restrictor Plates
  • Heavy-Duty, Two-Stage Planetary Drive(s)
  • Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
  • 5/8” M/S Floor
  • 1/4” M/S Walls
  • 3PT Scale System
  • 1 Side Door with Dropchute
  • 25 Auger RPM
  • VFD Power System