Supreme Vertical Feed Mixers & Delivery Boxes

24 Foot Delivery Box

The 24′ Delivery Box has a struck capacity of 1108 ft³ (31.4 m³) or 1252 ft³ (34.5 m³) with extension, and requires 300 horse power (221 kW).

Unlike any other delivery system on the market, the Supreme International Delivery Box has a revolutionary AUTO FEED FLOOR DRIVE that simplifies feeding on a new level.

With a pressure sensing floor that automatically moves based on ration type, the operator no longer has to control the floor speed. This is one less step that the feeder has to accommodate for, and instead only has to focus on opening the discharge door and controlling conveyor speed.

The End Dump option is shown in the model picture and the drawing below.

Minimum Power Requirements:
300hp / 221kW
Unit Capacity:
Struck Capacity: 1108ft.³ / 31.4m³
Capacity with Extension: 1252ft.³ / 34.5m³

Max Payload:
Height: 91" / 231cm
Height w/ 10" Extension: 101" / 257cm
Overall Width: 102" / 259cm
Overall Length : 330" / 838cm

Drive / rpm PTO:
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance:
Number of Knives :
Floor Thickness:
10 GA/3.4mm Stainless Steel Floor
Wall Thickness:
w/ 12’’ Lower Side Wall Liner
Standards Specifications:
  • Super Slide Plastic Bottom Liner
  • Easy Access Back End
  • Auto Feed Floor Drive” Selectable System for Each Separate Ration
  • 4 Pt. Scale System w/ In-Cab Scale
  • Mirror Mount and Weight Repeater
  • SS Conveyor Top Pan