Supreme Vertical Feed Mixers & Delivery Boxes

SPSL30T - Self Propelled Self Loader Processor

The SPSL30T offers producers unsurpassed mixing consistency and operation efficiency.

With the SPSL30T, operations don’t need to rely on a truck or tractor to power their processor, and users can load their commodities with the revolutionary loading arm. This will cause a faster mixing and feeding time, and reduce the number of implements required for feeding. Users will see a drastic reduction in fuel costs, and be able to focus on other areas of their operations. For operations looking to become as efficient as possible, the all-new SPSL is a revolutionary solution for their feeding needs.

Unit Capacity:
1108ft³ / 31.4m³
Empty Weight:
33,900lbs / 15,377kg
Max Payload:
25,463lbs / 11,550kg
Height: 152" / 386cm
Overall Width: 112" / 285cm
Overall Length: 421" / 1,069cm

Standards Specifications:
  • Diagnostic System
  • 4 Point Electronic Weighing System with Speed Limiter According to Weight
  • Front and Rear Adjustable Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Boom Suspension
  • 2 Belt Conveyors
  • Auto Greasing System
  • 10” Tub Extension
  • 3 forward modes: Soft 0-4 Km/h • Work 0-20 Km/h • Automotive 0-40 Km/h
  • Adjustable Auger RPM from 0-45RPM
  • 3 Speed Milling Cutter
  • FPT Engine Tier 4i Stage IIIB (240HP/Kw 181)
  • Cleanfix Reversible Fan
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Automatic Differential
  • Traditional Front Wheel Steer, 4 Wheel Steer & Crab Steering