"Why are we using square boxes to mix cattle feed? When throughout history man has proven time and time again that round bowls are better for mixing”? - George Hunerfauth

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We offer a wide range of mixers and there are many different sizes. We can build to suit any size operation.

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Over 65 years experience

The company history dates back to the early 1950’s, starting out as Alberta Engineering Limited then forming Alteen Distributors 20 years later, to then become Supreme International Limited in 1992. The company has an established history with agriculture equipment, introducing many new products to the North American market. Under the leadership of Jeannette Guertin, Supreme continues to expand and grow their market globally.

We are international

The Supreme processor line is recognized as the best TMR processor in the world. We entered the global market very early on as a manufacturer. We continued over the years to develop our overseas market working with existing countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, and South America, having presence in the Asia Pacific and the South East Asia markets, the Gulf Cooperative Countries, North Africa, and the Americas. Supreme continues to be the benchmark for quality equipment globally. Often paired with the words performance and reliability, our processors have found a place on the world stage.

Two locations

In 2010 Supreme expanded into the US with a truck mount assembly facility and a parts distribution warehouse located in Dodge City, KS. This was the answer to fill a growing demand for a superior quality processor that could offer a wide range of sizes to outfit larger livestock operations to the family farm. Supreme answered this demand, building custom units to suit any organization.

The Factory

Supreme sits on 33 acres with a factory totaling 250,000 square feet which includes state of the art equipment and a dedicated staff employing various trades and non-trades.

Our People

Supreme has a dedicated staff employing various trades and non-trades. We have some employees that have celebrated over 20 years with us.

We have great partnerships!

Supreme is proud to be a 25 year member of FEMA Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association.