Enviro Series Superior Waste Management


Turn Waste Into Profit


Supreme International Enviro Vertical Processors are capable of processing a large range of materials to produce a consistent, uniform mix. Combining high moisture content wastes with wood waste, straw, or yard waste creates an ideal mixture for composting. Through a variety of industrial and municipal applications, Supreme Enviro Mixers have been proven to be the leader in performance and reliability.

Reduce Your Processing Time Up to 50%

Every Supreme Enviro Processor is equipped with Supreme’s patented auger design. Employing four separate patents, the Supreme will cut and mix materials simultaneously and can reduce your daily workload by up to 50% over other vertical mixers, while delivering the most accurate and thorough mix in the industry.


Cut and Process Your Most Difficult Materials All in One Machine

Process a large range of materials such as woodwaste, mortalities, vegetable/food waste and biosolids in a variety of applications. The result will be a thorough and accurate mixture with a consistent and even distribution of moisture and porous materials throughout the entire mix. All of this results in a quicker composting process and a more consistent product.


A Model for Every Size of Operation

Sizes range from 235 to 1,585 ft³ and feature from one to three augers. Your operation can get the perfect fit for you. Our Processors are available in Pull-Type, Stationary, and Truck Mounted units. All are manufactured utilizing Supreme’s patented auger design and the highest quality components in the industry.

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