The Importance of Nutrition

  • Feeding comprises more than 60% of On-Farm costs for livestock operations (Feedstuffs, Equipment, Employees, Accounting).

  • Nutrition & feeding is the basis for all aspects of cattle health & performance & can result in superior, or inferior, production depending on how it’s managed.

  • The goal of a nutritionist is to have the ration that is fed to the cattle match the ration formulated precisely, accurately, & consistently to ensure that the animal receives all of it’s required nutrients & medications. If this does not occur, animal performance & health may suffer.

  • Feedstuff preparation, loading, mixing, & delivery is essential to the feeding process to meet the animals' daily nutritional requirements.
  • An improperly mixed ration contributes to inconsistencies in cattle receiving more or less of their daily nutritional requirements. This creates inconsistencies in feeding behavior & directly impacts cattle health & productivity.

  • Precise ration formulation & mixing along with consistent, accurate feeding can result in increased production resulting in cents to dollars per day added profit.

  • Cattle feeding requires a great deal of capital & time but those that manage their operations the most effectively & efficiently will generate greater ROI.
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