1050T Gen3 Truck Mount

Wes Van Boom

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1050T Gen3 Truck Mount

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The 1050T Gen3 Truck Mount has a maximum payload of 40,000 lbs (18,144 kg), struck capacity of 830 ft³ (23.5 m³) or 958 ft³ (27.1 m³) with tub extension, and requires 370 horse power (276 kW).

Revolutionize the Art of Feeding with Supreme’s New Gen3 Truck Mount Feed Processor.

Groundbreaking Features Include:

  • An Advanced Automated Control System for Consistent Feed Processing and Accurate Delivery Every Time
  • Low Torque Requirement Ensures Longer Component Life, Lower Fuel Consumption, Reduced Operating Costs
  • Unparalleled Controls Provide Exceptional Operator Comfort, Reduced Fatigue and Increasing Productivity
  • Protect Your Investment with Confidence Using Our Real-Time System Monitoring

Powered by our innovative drive system, which features robust heavy-duty planetaries run hydrostatically, the operator has absolute automatic auger control in three modes: Loading, Mixing and Unloading.

  • Loading mode – the system is intelligently tailored to the way you load
  • Mixing mode – full control ensures consistent and efficient mixing
  • Unloading mode – provides accurate discharge – with the push of a button

Minimum Power Requirements: 370 hp / 276 kW
Unit Capacity: Struck Capacity: 830 ft³ / 23.5 m³, Capacity with Extension: 958 ft³ / 27.1 m³
Tires: N/A
Empty Weight: 15,400 lbs / 6,985 kg
Max Payload: 40,000 lbs / 18,144 kg
Dimensions: Height*: 82" / 208 cm, Height w/ 10" Extension*: 92" / 234 cm, Overall Width**: 120" / 305 cm, Overall Length**: 271" / 688 cm, *Height of truck frame to the top of the tub. Add to truck frame height for overall height., **Overall width and length dependent on the style of truck, conveyor/discharge options ordered.
Drive / rpm PTO: Innovative Drive System
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance: N/A
Number of Knives : 10 Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
Conveyor: 8’ Flat Variable Speed Hydraulic Driven Chain Discharge Conveyor with Hydraulic Extender
Floor Thickness: 1” / 25 mm M/S Floor
Wall Thickness: 1/4” / 6 mm AR200 Walls
Standards Specifications: Front Center Door, 8’ Flat Variable Speed Hydraulic Driven Chain Discharge Conveyor with Hydraulic Extender, (2) Patented Freestanding Vertical Cutting Augers, (2) Heavy-Duty, Two-Stage HD Planetaries, Planetary Cooling, Reversing Fan, (10) Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades, SS Auger Outer Edge, 5/8” / 16 mm AR200 Auger Flighting, Ultra Wear Kicker Plates, Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Bolsters, 1” / 25 mm 44W Floor, 1/4” / 6 mm AR200 Walls, Armrest-Mounted Ergonomic Joystick, 4 pt DG 500 Scale System with Tub Mounted Remote Display and Cab Display, SS Conveyor Top Pan, Viewing Platform, Digital Service Reminders