1600T Hydrostatic Truck Mount

Wes Van Boom

1600T Hydrostatic Truck Mount, supreme mixer, diet processor

1600T Hydrostatic Truck Mount

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The 1600T Hydrostatic Truck Mount has a maximum payload of 40,000 lbs (18,144 kg), struck capacity of 1,323 ft³ (37.5 m³) or 1,477 ft³ (41.8 m³) with tub extension, and requires 425 horse power (317 kW).

This Supreme Hydrostatic Drive Truck Mount Model is available with a Front Engine PTO configuration, and uses some of the heaviest hydrostatic drive motors and pumps in the industry. Unlike competition, Supreme Truck Mounts use full size hydrostatic motors to drive the augers. These trucks give the operator variable auger control and high speed RPM functionality.

The 1600T model is also available as a pull type and a stationary mixer.

Minimum Power Requirements: 425 hp / 317 kW
Unit Capacity: Struck Capacity: 1,323 ft³ / 37.5 m³, Capacity with Extension: 1,477 ft³ / 41.8 m³
Tires: N/A
Empty Weight: 21,750 lbs / 9,866 kg
Max Payload: 40,000 lbs / 18,144 kg
Dimensions: Height*: 110" / 279 cm, Height w/ 10" Extension*: 120" / 305 cm, Overall Width**: 120" / 305 cm, Overall Length**: 293" / 744 cm, *Height of truck frame to the top of the tub. Add to truck frame height for overall height., **Overall width and length dependent on the style of truck, conveyor/discharge options ordered.
Drive / rpm PTO: 100% Hydrostatic Drive System
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance: N/A
Number of Knives : (10) Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
Conveyor: 8’ Flat Variable Speed Hydraulic Driven Chain Discharge Conveyor with Hydraulic Extender
Floor Thickness: 1” / 25 mm M/S Floor
Wall Thickness: 5/16” / 8 mm AR200 Walls
Standards Specifications: Two Patented Freestanding Vertical Cutting Augers, Manual Restrictor Plates, Ultra Wear Kicker Plates, Viewing Platform, SS Conveyor Top Pan, 4 pt Scale System, Tub Mounted Weight Repeater, Cab Display, Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Bolsters, 5/8” / 16 mm AR200 Auger Flighting